Private Instruction


One-on-one instruction


Choose from three options to learn Chi Running on a one-on-one basis with Ken, according to your needs, your schedule, and your budget. Program options are:

  • Quick Start
  • Running Essentials
  • Comprehensive

Not sure which option is right for you? Review the detailed descriptions below, and/or contact Ken to discuss and arrange an optional free 15-minute assessment of your current running form.  Add a second participant for 75% of the individual price (for additional participants, contact Ken).  Trade-up to a higher option after completing a lower option, e.g. if you have completed the "Quick Start" program, you can elect to add the balance of "Running Essentials" or "Comprehensive" programs; similarly, if you have completed the "Running Essentials" program, add the balance of the "Comprehensive" program. Simply pay the difference in the respective option's price.

Special pricing: 15% discount for seniors (60+), college students, and veterans

Quick Start

Quick Start (2 hours*). Price: $95

Improve your running performance today. The "Quick Start" program gives you all the core components of Chi Running, which you can apply immediately. Here is what's covered:

  • Chi Running introduction and foundation
  • Body set-up/correct posture
  • How to use gravity and the movement of the ground under you for propulsion
  • Introduction to running efficiently at different speeds, over variable terrains

Running Essentials

Running Essentials (4 hours in one session, or 2 x 2 hours*). Price: $195

In addition to the "Quick Start" material, go into more depth on how to transform your running with Chi Running. Here is what's covered:

  • All "Quick Start" topics, plus...
  • Video review and analysis of your running form
  • How to use cadence and your "gears" efficiently at different speeds
  • Keys to harmonizing your upper and lower body movement
  • How to breathe efficiently
  • How to run hills/different terrains
  • Common running pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Cross training and Chi Running -- how to complement your new running technique


Comprehensive (6 hours in one session; 2 x 3 hours; or, 3 x 2 hours*).  Price: $295

Want it all? Then this is the program for you. Learn how to take your running to the next level and get extensive guidance and feedback along the way. Here is what's covered:

  • All the "Running Essentials" topics, plus...
  • Multiple video reviews and analysis of your form as you progress through the program
  • Understanding and applying mind-body alignment and dynamic awareness: form focusing and visualization
  • Mastering running on different surfaces/terrains
  • Drills and exercises to help you master Chi Running
  • Racing with Chi Running -- how to race fast and enjoyably at the same time
  • Pre-run body looseners and post-run stretches
  • Running program development and execution
  • Running nutrition and hydration principles
  • Running equipment selection and usage tips (shoes, clothes, watches, heart rate monitors, etc.)
  • Running safety tips

INCLUDED BONUS: A free follow-up review session (to be completed within 6 months of completing the "Comprehensive" program)

(* Times are approximate--will be determined by client's needs/progress rate)