Chi Running® Testimonials

Read what Ken's clients have to say about Chi Running and his classes/private instruction...

"Ken,  I wanted to follow up with you after our one on one coaching session in July.  I can’t begin to tell you how helpful my training  session was with you.  It’s one thing to read Chi Running concepts in a  book or to watch them in a video, but it’s your unique way of easily connecting the dots and bringing it all together that it  all fell into place for me.  I still have a long way to go but I can  tell you that without Chi running and in particular your coaching I’m  not sure I would have finished my  first triathlon since 1983 just last weekend.  The running is by far the hardest leg for  me.  Prior to my coaching session with you I wasn’t even sure I was  practicing the Chi Running fundamentals correctly, in fact running was  more of an exercise in pain endurance!  I have been working on my technique and increasing my cadence per your guidance  so that I can run more efficiently and faster, but more than increasing  my pace I am amazed that I was completely pain free after the  Triathlon!  I actually enjoy my running for the first time in many years.  P.S. thanks for the transition tips!  All the best, Patrick S", AL, July, 2019

"Hi Ken, just to give you some data this week applying what you taught; I am definitely going faster overall and the metronome is keeping me in line at 88 spm (176 spm counting both sides). I plan to move up to 90 pretty soon but I am settling in at 88 for maybe another week or so before moving up. Anyway, what is blowing me away on my runs is my average heart rate is measuring significantly lower now. Usually I come out around 160ish on average heart rate, but in my two practice runs of 2.6 and 3.1 miles this week I averaged 137 and 126 HR on those runs. I also shaved off 45 seconds per mile in pace, and I am working less than before. Thanks again for your coaching!" Matt M, Nashville, TN, April, 2016.

"Just finished a wonderful run by the lake here in Austin, TX. Many thanks to Ken Andrews and his fabulous Chi Running training for making this possible. This is the first time I can EVER remember running pretty much pain-free and that is absolutely HUGE!" Monica H, Tucson, AZ, March, 2016.

"Hi Ken, it's been several months since I was in your class, and wanted to share with you how much your class and guidance helped me. I had tried, on my own, no research, to start running 9 years ago, with the end goal of a half marathon. Sadly, I had some of the classic problems and gave up, thinking running just wasn't for me. Learning about cadence, form, how to attack hills and fly on the decent, breathing, arm movement and position, focus and lean all proved priceless. I'm happy to say that today I completed the Ann Arbor half--and felt good, running pretty much the whole way, with the same cadence and rate, regardless of hills. It was not only a relief to hit the goal, but I even enjoyed the run itself. Thank you so much! Your instruction and insights, and the Chi Running method, changed everything for me. I plan to look for additional 1/2 marathon courses, and no longer have the fear and apprehension, simply excitement and peace." Amy A, MI, March, 2015. 

"I think the best thing for me (and I can attribute this to my training with you) is that the last 2.5 miles were on a shoreline (flat) and not one person passed me. In fact, I reeled in and passed about 15 people. I felt really strong at the end. I was super consistent the whole time. Thanks for your help." Jill S, Midland, MI, October 2014.

"Ken, I was in your class in May. I came to Chi Running to help me run again after a foot injury. Just wanted to thank you for teaching it. I was able to complete a half marathon yesterday. I did not burn up the road with speed but most importantly to me is that I finished in pain-free shape. Yay! Thanks again." Linda Q, October, 2014.

"Fifty miles has never felt better thanks to Ken Andrews and Chi Running. From breathing to running mechanics, I have a new-found awareness that translates not only to speed, but also the overall enjoyment of running. " Terry S, Traverse City, MI, February 2014. 

"Ken, after suffering from several muscle injuries, I decided to attend one of your classes to learn how to Chi Run and I can say that it was the best decision that I ever made! I have only been Chi Running for about a year now and my 5K times have dropped from 27:00 minutes to under 23:00 minutes. Also, my calf muscles are no longer tight or sore from long runs. The best part of Chi Running for me has been learning the lean and cadence which I never practiced as a runner for more then 30 years, now if I could only learn to rotate the hips better and my stride length would even improve more and so would the mile times. I am looking forward to taking a tune up class soon!" Dave J, Freeland, MI, September 2013.

"I am learning to fly on my feet - seriously. Haven't had this much fun learning a physical activity maybe ever! Thanks much." Scot Z, Midland, MI, September 2012. 

"Ken, Tom and I ran a 5K race last Saturday, and we both had a great race. Tom set a “recent memory” PR, and I set a new all-time PR, and we both won our age groups. We both attribute our improved performance to two things – 1) losing a little weight, and 2) the Chi running techniques! I, for one, very consciously used several of the techniques during the race (and during training, of course!) and am 100% sure they helped me tremendously." Lisa H, Houston, TX, September 2012. 

"Ken: I have been meaning to send you a big thanks to you for the great training you gave me in regard to my running problems. As you may remember I came back to you in December of 2009 to be trained in the Chi Running. I was in training at that time for the 2010 St George Ironman and needed help due to my running style and my serious articular cartilage damage in my knees. I have been a daily practitioner of the Chi Running technique and have never missed a day of the Chi joint looseners!! I had great year of races with no injuries and no knee problems to keep me from competing!! In fact, I completed the St George Ironman and felt so great that I continued the hard long Ironman training through the summer and then competed in the Kentucky Louisville Ironman and had a great race (even with 94 degrees)! Also through the year I did a half marathon and a half ironman!! So all I have to say if it wasn't for you and your Chi training I could not have had this great year of training and racing!! I guess the only complaint I get from my wife and my children that I race with is they wish I would do my joint looseners in private not at the race start!!! I guess this old man don't look so good rotating his hips or butt in public but I do what I have to do!! Again, thanks so much!!" Eric B, Cleveland, OH, November 2010. 

Chi Walking® Testimonials

Read what Ken's clients have to say about Chi Walking and his classes/private instruction...

"Ken, you did a great job here at Cordia! We have started our own Chi Walking Club and the Members who attend are highly motivated to keep moving forward. Your presentation was delightful, informative, lively, easy to follow, and well organized. We hope you come back to check on our progress!" Terri H., Traverse City, MI, October, 2017

"For several years a friend and I have walked on our local rail trail and trails through the woods. This has often been painful because I have a neuroma on both feet but the joy of walking far outweighed my aching feet. We recently took a Chi Walking class taught by Ken Andrews and I admit I was a bit skeptical at first - it was like learning to drive - I had to think about the position of my feet, back, hips, arms, and head, but after putting the Chi Walking technique into practice, within a few days it became natural. Since the class our walks have increased to 2 hours pain free. I highly recommend Chi Walking!". Lynne G., Midland, MI, May , 2008

"Thanks, Ken! I'm really glad I took your class. I went for about a 3-mile walk/run last night and it was very enjoyable and comfortable. I've gotten way out of shape and was surprised at how easy it was. And I'm not sore at all this morning."

Judi S., Midland, MI, April, 2008

"Very relaxed, informative with good pace"
"I thought Ken’s technical knowledge was excellent"
"It encouraged me to begin a walking program"
"Can’t wait to try it!"
"Loved the body loosening exercises"

- Feedback from ChiWalking class, Midland, MI, January, 2008

"Thanks for last night’s class - I loved it and can hardly wait to do/learn more. We will certainly be working on the techniques. I heard from a friend that it was related to yoga (core) and I could really feel that last night - the mind/body connection and for yoga we add the soul. :-)". Maxine R., Midland, MI, September, 2007. 

"Thanks for a great class, as always. I'll be back as this is a journey for me and I'm not going to learn it over night. Please keep me posted on future classes. One comment regarding the value of a runner taking the Chi Walking class -- I have had difficulty learning the pelvic rotation technique while running. However, I seem to be grasping it better as a Chi Walker. I'm finding if I start by doing the "one side" exercise while walking and getting the feel for it, I can then break into my run and have greater success. It will come with time. I think you were absolutely right when you said that runners will benefit by taking the walking class. My wife had an epiphany when she noticed that aligning her column made a huge difference not only in walking, but also in her day to day life. She has had a lot of spine problems the past few years and learning these principles is going to help her immensely. You're a great teacher of these classes, Ken…and it's making a difference for folks." Dan D., Saginaw, MI, August, 2007. 

Running Dynamics Optimization® Testimonials

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"I got to try Ken's new Running Dynamics Optimization™ process this week and I am amazed at the results already. During the analysis and range testing steps, Ken identified that I am tensing up outside a narrow comfortable running pace for fear of hurting my previously injured back. With his coaching, I am now finding it much easier to relax and run at a faster pace. My back feels great and I'm more confident than ever that I can get back to running the speeds I ran when I was younger!" Nina D, Michigan, July, 2016.

Mentoring Testimonials

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"Ken was a tremendous help in revamping my resume. I was stuck in a rut not enjoying my job, couldn't get any interviews, and felt very frustrated and hopeless. Ken and I met for a few working sessions to understand my work background, what interested me, and where I envisioned my career goals. These sessions gave us the essentials to turn my weak resume into a much more powerful version with a personal statement and more meaningful bullet points. In addition to my resume, Ken helped me understand how to write quality cover letters to complement my resume and fit with job postings that interested me. It has only been a few months since we worked on my resume and I have already had several responses for interviews, plus I have just accepted a great new job. I would highly recommend Ken to anyone who needs help with their resume or for career advice." Megan D, Michigan, August, 2015.